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Meet The Grapevine Band

Behind the Music

The Grapevine Band's origin goes back  to when the band members grew up listening to a variety of musical genres that played an influential role in shaping their paths as musicians and ultimately led them to join forces. 

The Grapevine Band has collectively found their signature sound and offers something different and unique to their fans by sharing and keeping alive some of the best party music ever!


Jim McLendon

Drummer, Dancer on rare occasions…Manager of the band   

A co-founder of the Grapevine in 1987, music has always been a part of his life, playing with local bands since the age of 14. Music remained a part of his work life also as he was the Managing Partner for WMAZ AM 940 and 99WAYS Radio, retiring in 1997 to become VP/GM of Cox Media of Middle Georgia. Jim says every show is another “slice of heaven and it is always a fun time seeing the crowd react to The Grapevine Band. I don’t think any other local band can get the crowd up dancing and partying like The Grapevine Band does!” Jim is grateful to his wife, Jean, for allowing him to “go have fun with the guys 40 weekends a year”. He is also thankful that Jean and another band member’s wife helped name the band. Jim is currently the Executive Director of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in Macon.


Donnie Brooks

Front Man Extraordinaire, Lead Vocals, Original Bassist, Drums 

A co-founder of the Grapevine in 1987, Donnie is the band's front man, and plays a mean bass and drums. He puts the soul in our sound, and knows how to get the crowd on its feet and dancing! Donnie owns Brooks Survey Company in beautiful Gordon, GA.


Greg Mullis

Trombone, Vocals, Keys, Drums, Sound Tech 

Greg has been involved in musical performance for over 25 years.  A classically trained trombonist, Greg discovered that rock and roll is much more fun (and pays better).  He has played with the Grapevine since 1998.  To pay for his music hobbies, Greg serves as Chief Operating Officer of Tri-Co Go in Gray, GA.  A graduate and big supporter of the Mercer Bears, he is also active in Christian music, and helps his wife and her theater troupe with running sound.


Robin Hughes

Percussion, Dancer, Heart and Soul of the Grapevine

Robin retired from the U.S. District Court MD/GA. as a Chief U.S. Probation Officer and the U.S. Army National Guard as a Major General while serving as Deputy Commander (RC), First U.S. Army..  He has been a member of the Grapevine Band's "Solid Gold Dancers" for many years. He enjoys applying his "rhythmic energy" to the music, engaging the crowd, and making them an integral part of the band's performance. 


Jim Larimer

Saxophone, Flute

Jim Larimer is a retired Senior Master Sergeant with a 28 year career in the Air Force Band. His skills as saxophonist, flutist, and clarinetist have been heard worldwide in nearly every musical style. He has backed up and recorded with such well-known artists as Celine Dion, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Crystal Gayle, Lee Greenwood, B.J. Thomas, The Spinners, Four Tops, Temptations, and Johnny Mathis. Jim is also currently active in church musical programs, teaches lessons, has a degree in nursing and works at Houston County Hospital.


Miller Kent

Percussion, Solid Gold Dancer, Head of Grapevine Security 

It's "Miller Time" at every Grapevine show! Miller Kent has been involved with music most of his life (and in the Grapevine for over 20 years), and he considers it an honor to be a part “of the greatest band around, The Grapevine.” Miller has also been involved in the aviation field since 1975, and is a retired United States Deputy Marshal.



Neil Rigole

Keys, Vocals, Musical Director

Neil (aka "Dr. Nick" or Nicky2Shoes) has been playing assorted styles of music in various bands since his high school days. Upon joining the Grapevine he noted that “no band that I’ve ever played with can get a crowd going like the Grapevine can and every gig is a blast!”  His day gig is working in the School of Computing as Chair of the Department of I.T. for Middle Georgia State University.  


Mike Causey

Guitar Master

Mike Causey was one of three lead guitar players for the Southern rock band and Capricorn recording artist “Stillwater”. He is retired from his business life, but still plays with Stillwater (and the "Has Beens"), whenever possible, and he teaches guitar lessons as well. Mike is one of the finest guitarists, and gentlemen, around...and he brings the Rock n Roll whenever he cranks up that amp!


Charlie "Hot Lips" Harbor

Trumpet, Backing Vocals, All Around Entertainer

Charlie (better known as Hot Lips) has been educating and creating musicians in Georgia for over 30 years. A former member of the UGA Redcoat Marching Band, Charlie is known to play "Glory Glory to Ol Georgia" at every opportunity given...GO DAWGS!


Al Scarborough

Bass, Vocals

Al Scarborough, along with guitarist Mike Causey, is a founding member of the Southern Rock legend and Capricorn recording artist "Stillwater". A major talent on bass and vocals, Al is (without a doubt), the hardest working bass player in Middle Georgia, and the Grapevine is lucky to have him join their ranks in 2021.


Stan Martin

Guitar, Legal Advice ;-)

Stan honed his skills with a multitude of bands beginning in the mid 70s and continuing for more years than he will admit. He enjoys playing with the Grapevine because there is never a dull moment. When he is not playing guitar, he practices law in Warner Robins.


Robby and Lenore Oplt

Stage, Sound, and Equipment Managers

Robby joined the Grapevine in 2005 and he talked his wife Lenore into joining him on his road adventures with the band.  They both get the party started and get all of the gear back home again and ready for the next show.  Robby is also the Production Manager for Lithopress Printing Company and Lenore works with exceptional students.


Larry Lee (in memoriam)

Bass, Vocals

Larry played music for over 50 years, of which the last 20+ years were with The Grapevine Band. Larry said that "there is nothing more rewarding than to see people forget their troubles for an evening and have fun dancing the night away to our music. I have been blessed to spend most every weekend with a great group of guys who can truly say "We are Brothers from different Mothers". Also, THANK YOU to my wife, Leslie, for letting me pursue my hobby (passion) on weekends!"
Larry was a pharmaceutical sales professional, and left us far too soon in February of 2021.

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